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A Home For Visionaries

BlakBox Entertainment

Our Brands

With global brand partnerships we curate content from various underrepresented groups, untold stories, and cultural experiences to create a fuller worldview., and add value to society by encouraging sociocultural independence, and understanding. BlakBox Entertainment is home to high quality digital, print, and media brands, that tackle themes like art, culture, identity and social innovationincluding "DIVINE Magazine", "The BlakBook", "Polaris News", "Dear Black People Podcast", and more. 

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Our Audience

Our audience includes readers from Detroit MI, Chicago IL, New York NY, Los Angeles CA, Atlanta GA, Houston TX, Miami FL, Roanoke VA, Washington D.C., Our visionaries operate Headquarters from the heart of Detroit, with additional license partners around the globe.

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Image by Oladimeji Odunsi

Our Team


We build impeccable teams who have a similar value and vision, that are excited to bring their light to our community. We love having passionate and hard-working individuals that desire to pursue their passions in entertainment media while working to make a positive impact on the world.


Our Innovation


At BlakBox Entertainment we believe that perspective makes a world of a difference. In understanding the severe impact mass media has on our subconscious beliefs and behaviors, we prioritize gathering all the facts and utilizing a variety of credible sources. We hold ourselves to a high level of accountability, and maintain strategic partnerships to expand our content offering to include a variety of news through more than one lens.

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Our Vision

At BlakBox Entertainment we believe that improving our overall quality of life is the very essence of  innovation. Who we are tomorrow is the outcome of how we are raised, nurtured, and educated today.

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