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A Home For Visionaries

The Blak Lotus Organization

Life At The Lotus

The Blak Lotus Organization network has a Global reach. Our team and colleagues expertise include vital disciplines such as Information Technology, Fine Art, Mass Media, Entertainment, Culinary Arts, Property Management, Environmental Sustainability, Community Development, and more. We utilize these connections to create programming that directly impacts our communities and positively drives our programming. 

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Workplace Values

Through our various brands, published works, and original content lies an opportunity to be seen. We measure deliverable results for sustainable advertising solutions to ensure your community knows who you are. 

Billboarding / Break Bumper 

Billboarding ads are shown at the beginning or the end of original content programming. Alternatively, Break Bumper ads appear between segments. Similar to product placements, brand managers will be able to predetermine which program their business/product will appear in.


Product Integration

Brand managers will be able to promote their businesses and brands by integrating their products directly into one of the publication’s digital programs or commercial campaigns. The business/product will be organically integrated into an entire episode of one of our selected programs or commercial campaigns. Brand managers will be able to predetermine which program their business/product will appear in.

Print / Digital Ad

Sponsorship is another avenue for brand managers who seek to advertise their businesses/products on The Blak Lotus. Sponsorship will be made available in two varieties. The first is the affordable episode-based package which will include one Product Placement advertisement, one Billboarding advertisement, and one Break Bumping advertisement in addition to several additional marketing materials throughout an entire episode of a selected program. The second is the season-based package which will include eight Product Placements advertisements, eight Billboarding advertisements, and eight Break Bumping advertisements in addition to several additional marketing materials throughout eight episodes of a selected program.

Image by Alesia Kazantceva

Our Offices

Condé Nast Global Brand Licensing leverages its world-renowned brands and unique, preeminent editorial content through media licensing and brand collaborations. Together with partners we develop innovative consumer products, platforms and experiences that connect with a loyal audience across diverse verticals such as fashion, beauty, design, food, travel and more.

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Media Licensing

Media Licensing allows our media brands to increase their global footprint while adapting to local market trends and specificities. Content and press licensing provides access to more than 8 million assets including editorial, photography and illustration. To license one of our magazines in your market, please email For articles, endorsement, images or to inquire about the use of a logo or award seals please contact

Product Licensing

Branded products provide consumers with new ways to interact with the brands they love. Together with category-expert partners we create innovative lifestyle products ranging from apparel to grooming, homeware, and more. For all product licensing inquiries please email

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At The Blak Lotus we believe that improving humanities overall quality of life is the very essence of the future. Who we are tomorrow is the outcome of how we are raised and nurtured and educated today.

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