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A Home For Visionaries

BlakBox Entertainment

What We Believe

We believe it is possible to reconstruct the "survival of the fittest" narrative through honest media and entertainment, distributing a more authentic worldview to our global audience. We are expanding the way we think collectively, utilizing high quality media brands and original content to reshape the biases currently disrupting our collective social environment. BlakBox Entertainment seeks to be a network focused on uplifting the overall quality of life of the awakened community and allies through education, history, art, and culture.

We Believe
We Do

What We Do

BlakBox Entertainment (BBE) is a Broadcast Network primarily focused on encouraging cultural independence, through the exploration of lost histories and impactful sociocultural experiences. We are home to high quality digital, print, and media brands, that tackle themes like art, culture, identity and social innovationincluding "DIVINE Magazine", "The BlakBook", "Polaris News", "Dear Black People Podcast", and more. Since it's conception by Charde Goins in 2018 it has grown into a strategically aligned, results driven media network.


We provide coverage on a variety of topics including pop culture, business, sports, and politics. Through a mix of long-form journalism, printed published works, original reporting, podcasts, and film, we offer original content and news on a daily basis. 


BlakBox Entertainment comes from the term “The Black Box” or “BlackBox Theatre”, an all black room used for play viewing. The name BlakBox comes from the completely  black design and ordinary four walls of a room, compact and box like, used for smaller plays, experimental theater, and  a variety of playmaking techniques. In the theater the Black Box is a place you can bring any odd imagination to life. A very hands-on and curious job, best executed by a visionary hell-bent on producing his or her vision, in a tangible fashion.


Due to the rising concern for validity and honesty in major media networks, news outlets, and information sharing platforms, we were created so those who wish to discuss and explore the world openly and honestly, have a platform to share information.  With anonymous “fact checkers “on the rise altering impactful details of history, BlakBox Entertainment aims to shed light on news and information imperative to the public worldview, while curating a healthier and more expansive vision for our future.


With a variety of global brand partnerships we curate content from various underrepresented groups, untold stories, and cultural experiences to create a fuller worldview. We add value to societies both socially and culturally by encouraging sociocultural peace, independence, and understanding. 

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