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Through our various brands, published works, and original content lies an opportunity to be seen. We measure deliverable results for sustainable advertising solutions to ensure your community knows who you are. 

Billboarding / Break Bumper 

Billboarding ads are shown at the beginning or the end of original content programming. Alternatively, Break Bumper ads appear between segments. Similar to product placements, brand managers will be able to predetermine which program their business/product will appear in.


Product Integration

Brand managers will be able to promote their businesses and brands by integrating their products directly into one of the network's digital programs or commercial campaigns. The business/product will be organically integrated into an entire episode of one of our selected programs or commercial campaigns. Brand managers will be able to predetermine which program their business/product will appear in.

Print / Digital Ad

Both print and digital advertising is offered at a flat rate for local businesses in all our brands print and digitally published content. Brand managers will be able to choose which brand their business/product will appear in.

Image by mauRÍCIO SANTOS

Brand Licensing

BlakBox Entertainment leverages its brands and original content through media licensing and brand collaborations. We develop quality content, and experiences that connect with a supportive audience across niche disciplines like fashion, entertainment, health, technology, women's interests and more.

Media Licensing

Media Licensing allows our brands to increase their global reach while adapting to local market trends. Content and press licensing provides access to more than 200 assets including articles, photography and illustrations. To license one of our magazines in your market, or for articles, endorsement, images or to inquire about the use of a logo please contact

Product Licensing

Licensing uniquely branded products provides consumers with alternative ways to maintain interaction with brands they admire. With various partners and industry specific experts we create meaningful products ranging from apparel to home products, office products, and more. For all product licensing inquiries please email

Brand Licensing
Image by Joshua Oyebanji
Image by Ian Schneider

BlakBox Entertainment Events

At BlakBox Entertainment we understand that in this world, network impacts your net-worth. We encourage our community to engage in professional settings with peers through quarterly events, offering varying professional expertise and career building opportunities. In addition to our seasonal community events we collaborate with various local non-profit organizations to forward important community initiatives.

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