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A New Flag for Detroit?

Deon Mixon

Deon Mixon a 26-year old graphic designer native to Detroit with bold plans for a new design of Detroit. Deon graduated from Western Michigan University with a BFA in graphic design.

The ambitious creator is going to change Detroit’s flag, a flag that no one knows about, or has ever seen.

The current flag was established in 1948 and was originally designed by a resident in 1907. Each quarter of the flag represents three nations that formerly inhabited the city. The nation that founded Detroit, France (bottom-left corner), Great Britains’ control (top right corner), American control from 1796–1812 (top left corner), and Americas reclaiming Detroit in 1813 during the previous war of 1812 (bottom right corner). The seal is also used to symbolize the commemoration of the fire of 1805 and the spirit of Detroit.

Current flag-Detroit rise pamphlet

By just looking at the flag it’s clear to understand why there’s a desire for change. Alas those of us who aren’t designers like Mixon may not see the importance of changing the flag.

An example of a good flag is Mixon’s flag created for a thesis project:

Detroit Rise Flag-Detroit Rise

Mixon says the anatomy of his flag is “Black for resilience, white for righteousness, blue for progression, the star to geographically mark Detroit, and the curve representing Detroit meaning the strait ( The Detroit River) which comes from the French.

This flag hits all of the marks for what makes a good flag. A simple design, symbolism that represents Detroit, 3 basic colors, no seals or lettering, and is distinctive to Detroit’s history.

The hope behind this flag is for the reinvigoration in the pride of Detroit to get people involved politically. Getting people involved will bring out the hidden Detroit pride and interest in the city.

The flag could amplify Detroit’s heritage as a design city. The history of design is often disrespected but with the signal of progress through design, a new city flag will bring change.

The people of Detroit would greatly benefit from Mixon’s new design. Starting with Detroit’s flag, a new design would allow Detroit natives to show pride in their city. The city would be able to rally under one banner for causes important to Detroit. And even begin to foster care for the city to put into the design and layout of Detroit.

Mixon’s flag is what the people of Detroit need. It can inspire and spark change. His ideas could spark other designers who see flaws in the design of Detroit and desire to change them. If Mixon’s flag became reality, it would show that the people can implement change into their city.

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