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Generation X-plaining: How the Current Generation is Changing the World

Updated: Sep 30, 2021


Don’t let the title confuse you; I am still talking about Gen Z. I am doing so for obvious reasons: I am part of Gen Z, I know more about Gen Z than other generations, I do what Gen Z does. I want to take a look at some ways Gen-Z has helped project the world forward. I used X-plaining to imply the numerous ways Gen-Z pursues and shares knowledge. Here are some ways Gen-Z has changed the world:

  1. Gen -Z has asserted a positive outlook on Body image and Positivity


Body positivity is not just about how someone perceives themself but how others behave towards bodies that are not theirs. Gen-Z’s take on Body positivity is not just a term but a system of support in place for times when people feel indifferent to their bodies. It is also a system to check people and their derogatory attitudes towards bodies and features on conventionally seen bodies as unattractive. If you belong to the millennial generation, it is likely the way you look at your body is heavily influenced by your parents, just as their parents influenced theirs. However, this research shows that because Gen-Z is generally progressive, educated very diverse, their views on different bodies are likely malleable and easily influenced positively. Although far from perfect, Gen-Z’s initiative on body image and positive has helped many individuals accept themselves and have cultivated acts of love for their bodies. Representation, confrontation, and appreciation are means through which Gen-Z has broadened the world’s view on body image and positivity.

2. Gen-Z has been a major contributor/distributor of pop and traditional culture

With quick access to the internet, news, trends, and information Gen-Z can boast many influencers and trendsetters. Many Gen-Z digital creators have used their platforms to showcase cultures across the world. The generation helps make cultures spread like wildfires, and even though there are downsides to this, the world has become more aware of cultures that the world did not know exists. Through their music, dance, art, writing, and several activities, Gen-Z has united the world to some extent. Gen-Z has accepted dances, songs, food, and lifestyle of cultures they were not born into. For instance, K-Pop, a genre of music belonging to Korea, has become a worldwide interest for many Gen-Z and millennials, even though many do not necessarily speak Korean. African traditional dances like amapiano and afrobeat have also become very popular due to Gen-Z’s acceptance and exploration on Tik Tok and other social platforms. The rate at which someone will be known for something they do or become a celebrity is high these days, and it is because Gen-Zs like to share new interests with their friends and families.

3. Gen-Zs has made Activism and Accountability central aspects of their Lives

Photo by Callum Shaw on Unsplash

Gen Z can boast many activists for several causes, including Climate change, racism, LGBTQIA, disability, and several others. 2019 Times’s Person of the Year, Greta Thunberg and Vanessa Nakate, have advocated for our planet and have given voices to many people regarding climate change and other issues. Because of how easy and accessible information distribution has become, many Gen-Z’s have been involved in activism in so many ways. According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center, about 70% of youngsters in Gen Z want an activist government. Gen Z is also more progressive than previous generations in their views on gay marriage, climate change, and gender identity.

4. Gen -Z has invented new methods of Connectivity and has prided itself on community assistance

Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

Last but not least, even though Gen-Z appears to live in a virtual world, they have built a strong sense of community and belongingness. There are online communities that people turn to in times of need. In these times, Gen Zs make friends all over the world easier because of the internet. I have so many online friends worldwide that I have not met in person before, but they have offered virtual assistance to me in so many ways! Gen-Zs have found ways to help causes through their time, association, and donations. In my school alone, there is a grounded support system for community members who need assistance, and this system was built solely by the efforts of the current student body! Gen-Zs like to volunteer, intern, and connect in many variant ways. According to Forbes research, 57% of Gen-Zs are likely to save money instead of spending it. Other research shows that significant percentages of Gen-Z donate, volunteer, and start Nonprofit organizations to help other people.


Although Gen-Z is problematic and controversial in many ways, it is also a powerhouse for the world. The generation has changed the ways in ways that seemed impossible. That alone gives the world hope that even following generations will be better and make the world a better place!

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