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  • Jayden Pierce

Heaux Tales: A guide for Millennial Women

By Jayden Pierce & Kenyatta Coleman

Photo Credit: Getty Images - Getty

Jazmine Sullivan comes off a six-year hiatus to present Heaux Tales (“Heaux” reads as ho). Heaux Tales brings the ethereal vocals of Jazmine Sullivan, Ari Lennox, Anderson .Paak, and H.E.R. Sullivan enlists the help of these talented black artists to complete the conceptualization of her album. Including tales from real black women in her life who spin tales on their personal experiences. Sullivan has created a space in her album for black women of diverse backgrounds to speak their truth freely without obtrusion, within a world where the obtrusion is constant.

The intro song “Bodies” sets the tone for the album as Sullivan dives into the conversation women often have about their decisions when dealing with someone.

As we travel through the song it breaks down how Sullivan is having a conversation with herself about getting her life together.

She expressed how she has been carelessly allowing people into her intimate space without even knowing who they truly are.The hook state, “I keep on pressin’ my luck; I don’t know where I woke up,” which emphasizes her vulnerability as she reveals to listeners that she is going past her limits of who she is allowing into her space and giving her energy to.

As the album progresses, listeners hear different perspectives from various women when it comes to dating expectations. This project indeed became the ultimate safe space for women who are still dating during this time. Whether it was sex, self-discovery, infidelity, or even insecurities, “Heaux Tales” touched on them all.

The captivating intro slowly fades into a tale where Antoinette Henry (Sullivan’s friend) shines a light on fragile masculinity. Henry starts by telling us firmly “Men cannot handle if a woman takes the same liberties as them, especially with regards to sex” (Henry 2021). Henry doesn’t hold back on her story, she shares a painful truth where men don’t give her and other women any regard sexually nor are they treated as equals. Surprisingly Henry reveals another culprit for this circumstance “And we’re to blame as well, because… we’re out here telling them, that the pussy is theirs when in actuality it’s ours” (Henry 2021)


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