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Rick Ross' Boss Commandments

You may know Rick Ross as a rap icon, hip-hop mogul and entrepreneur. But you might not know that he is also an author. On September 7th, Rick Ross released his second book, The Perfect Day to Boss Up: A Hustlers Guide to Building Your Empire. In this book, he details the steps to become a successful entrepreneur or boss, as he’d say.

During a recent interview with Nick Cannon, Ross shares what we can expect from his New York Times Best Seller, along with a few helpful tips.

The Boss Commandments:

Photo By Zachary DeBottis

Master the Art of Taking an L

“Building anything of value, you will take losses on the way. But you have to learn from the losses. You have to be able to take something from those losses.” — Rick Ross

I couldn’t agree more with this statement. The journey of building a business, creating a platform, or chasing a dream, in general, comes with highs and lows. You have to terms with the fact that you will win some and lose some. It comes with the journey. Just pick a celebrity, an icon, anyone. I’m 100% certain that they’ve heard no before. Use those low points as a learning experience. Ask yourself what you could’ve done better in the situation and what you can do in the future to avoid repeating the same L.

Bosses Stay Students

“A boss remains a student. It’s no job too big or too small for a boss.” - Rick Ross

In the interview, they discuss the importance of remaining humble. Though Ross happens to own the biggest home in Georgia, he and his buddies landscape themselves. That’s right, all 235 acres! No job is too big or too small for the boss himself. This is a brilliant move on his part, considering the previous owner spent at least $1M a year on property maintenance.

Every Boss Started Out a Worker

“ I’m in the position where I don’t even know how many franchises I own now. I remember sweeping up. I remember working at the carwash. I remember all that, and that’ll never change. And that just goes for the youngsters. Regardless of the position they’re in now, that doesn’t have nothing to do with where you can be in a few years. You just got to make sure you grind your way to the top.” — Rick Ross

I feel like it’s so easy to get discouraged when you’re in the process of grinding your way to the top. It can be scary, especially if you come from a place where you’ve never been exposed to a certain level of success. Just remember, with vision and hard work, anything is possible.

Manage the Emotions

“Regardless of the way you feel, a lot of times, you may have to hold that in and do what’s best for yourself and the team.” — Rick Ross

Sometimes our personal emotions can get in the way of what’s best for us. That’s okay, we are only human and it happens sometimes. Take a breather and just remember that there is no I in team.


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