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The Pioneer

Photo Credit: Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

From saying the world is flat to numerous other statements people have wondered what exactly is wrong with Kyrie Irving. His most recent proclamation included the National Basketball Association players should create their own league after a series of systemic racism and police brutality that shook the nation at his core. As an NBA fan, you must admire the position Kyrie has taken in helping people.

Rookie of the Year, 2016 NBA champ, and a six-time all-star Kyrie Irving resume speaks for itself. Truth be told, Kyrie is a star on and off the field, whether people recognize him or not. Recently, Kyrie donated 200,000 vegans beyond hamburgers to a New York food bank to fight hunger caused by the pandemic. The most impressive act of kindness would have to be Kyrie Irving buying a house for the family of George Floyd who was tragically killed by a Minnesota police officer last year. Those actions done by the talented basketball shows that he loves to give an assist on and off the basketball court.

Recently, Kyrie Irving took a leave of absence from the sport he loves very much, some have questioned his passion for playing the rest of the NBA season. Ultimately, Kyrie hasn’t lost his love for the game but there are bigger issues that impacting an alarming rate. During his absence from the Brooklyn Nets, he attended a Zoom call with 150 volunteers discussing social injustice. In an endless battle to end racism and social injustice, there is no question that Kyrie will be at the vanguard of justice.

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