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Trans People To Support Today!

Today March, 31st is Trans Visibility Day, a day to celebrate and support Trans people like myself. Here’s a list of trans people I follow that need support and recognition. So send a black trans person money and support today!

Aaron Philip (She/her)-

Aaron Philip is a disabled trans model. She is the first Black, transgender, wheelchair-using model to be signed to a major agency. Aaron has taken runways and magazine covers, constantly pushing for diversity and inclusion.

Instagram: aaron___philip

Linktree for donations to trans women:

Mutal aid fund account: @blckwomxnexhale

Bay/They Davis (They/She)

Bay Davis is a multi-talented Black nonbinary queer trans femme, keynote speaker, organizer, trans activist, poet, and tattoo artist. With all the activities they have their hand in Davis’s work centers around community and healing, bringing art forms to people like her to aid in their journey. She requires aid for Black Trans affirmation, health, and security. And is very close to reaching her goal only needing roughly 5,000 of the 25,000 requested for relocation, surgeries, and family planning.

Instagram: @baydavis

Twitter: @TheyDavis

Cashapp:$fundBay, Venmo:@theydavis

Sevyn (She/They)

Sevyn is a disabled afro-indigenous trans girl. She is gathering funds for her transition and relocation for her and her family.

Eros Matthews (She/They)

Eros is asking for funds to relocate from an unsafe living situation, tuition, hormone treatments, and a car. Eros is hiding her identity from her family for safety until the necessary funds are raised.Twitter: @planet_eros

Deja Baptiste (She/her)

Deja is seeking funds for her transition. She has been in transition for 7 years and is asking for support from community and friends.

Deja’s Gofundme: Deja’s Transition Goals

Lumi (They/Them)

Lumi is looking for support, they need help with avoiding homelessness and overdue bills. They have also recetnly faced unemployment due to transmisogyny in their workplace.

Cashapp: $cherryprecum, Venmo: @pelumi_asu

Marley Durand (She/Her)

Marley is a mentally disabled Haitian Black transgender woman, she needs assistance raising funds for her gender reassignment surgery. Having been kicked out by her mother at 17, Marley has faced and overcome great adversity.

Twitter and instagram: @BlackMetalBae

Please support these trans and non-binary people today and any other day. Looking into their social medias and Gofundme accounts wll not only give you even more of a reason to donate but will also lead you to other trans people to support.

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