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  • Emmanuel Pickens

Why Standardized Tests Never Have Been ‘It’.

If you haven’t heard yet, Colleges and University’s across the Nation are eliminating SAT and ACT tests as a means of admissibility to universities across the nation.

With academia in its entirety facing records low in enrollment (Clearing House 2020) Universities across the nation are opting to waive ACT, and SAT requirements for the incoming undergraduates. This move comes as an attempt to level the playing field in the race to university during a time where traditional avenues of test prep are far and few. Which begs the question why didn’t this happen a long time ago? A not so complex question with a more complex answer.

In an article written by CNBC entitled “Rich students get better SAT scores — here’s why” explains the wealthy opportunity gap and its effect on low income students. The just of the analysis can be correlated to a combination of factors including race, ethnicity, School size, and district but most of all money. Put plainly standardized test don’t measure intelligence but instead a students access to the resources necessary to perform well on them.

It’s no secret that standardized tests have long since been acknowledged as unreliable barometers for College readiness (LA Times 2019). In-fact the use of standardized tests has been proven to be racially biased, classiest and a means used to eliminate otherwise qualified applicants (but you didn’t hear this from me). When you look at the statistics surrounding the performance of students of color on tests like the SAT and ACT in comparison to their white peers a clear divide can be seen. It’s not just that our peers have access to resources like testing coaches but that the exam itself is biased against our cultural, ethnic, radicalized, identities. No amount of studying is going to make that go away. In-addition to admissibility Standardized test scores are used during the decision process for merit based scholarships. Putting Black and Brown students between a rock and a hard place. In short, it’s a nice show of faith on the side of our educational system to extend this courtesy. But, let’s not applaud a fish for swimming. This change was long overdue.

In the words of Darius from Atlanta on FX. “everything made up, nigga stay woke”

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