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Anatomy of a Stray

(to my other… )

I stray from the path of love

When beauty sings like a dove

along with the midnight breeze.

Thirty-two pieces of cigar on the balcony.

I lose a quarter of me and search

for the entirety of you.

Photo by Molly Blackbird on Unsplash

There is no power in me in my frailty,

but in your deity, there is always a kind.

It is 10:00 pm, and the memories are wild.

Red wine bottles crackle at the corner

four meters from the fireplace.

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

You smell like a ghost.

One that I wore on the 14th of November.

My shadow imitates your face.

The voice of your silence lingers.

And suddenly,

I’m a visitor in my mind.

I stray from kindness,

hopeless I wait on a moment.




the moment?

Time is not my friend.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

The smell of spring may shatter all.

Please speak life to me as I erode,

and make yourself a blanket to wrap me in as I hope.

Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

I fade with time and will.

Would you please not leave me until I stay still?

It won’t take long.

Two more leaves to fall,

and I’ll stray no more.

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